Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hopper cost ?

   $19 / Instagram / month or pay annually and save 16%. The price doesn't change if you have more followers. Try Hopper free for 14 days. Cancel any time, but we hope you'll love it. :)

Do you offer bulk discounts ?

   Yes. Try our pricing widget to see how much it would cost for your number of accounts.

Is Hopper in-line with Instagram's terms & conditions ?

   Yes. Hopper does not use the private API and never will. We take pride in only posting using the Official Instagram app. Find out how hopper works.

Does Hopper posts to Instagram for you ?

   Yes. Hopper posts to Instagram using the official app. We don't use the private API in any way. Find out more.

Can I post Instagram videos ?

   Yes. You can post up to 60 second videos with Hopper.

What currency do you bill in ?

   $ USD. Hopper bills in US Dollars.

How do I contact you ?

   Contact us by email or live chat. We're happy to help.