4.1K   65    @iamjhud

@NBCTheVoice season premiere is less than a week away & #TeamJHud is ready! Tune in Mon, Sep 25th 🎤

7.3K   30    @iamjhud

@antoinelsmith32 yes I stole this pic from your page but I have been waiting for your bday to say a very special bday to u n return the amazing energy and words of encouragement that u always seem to give ! You r a special guy and I'm honored to know u! Happy bday !!!!

3.4K   24    @iamjhud

Only @adamlevine @nbcthevoice had to post ! It's almost that time guys !!

7.5K   37    @iamjhud

It was so amazing to meet and watch #susangraham sing tonight !! So amazing !!!

19.7K   143    @iamjhud

I sang a lot of places , now all the way to a vineyard ! I enjoyed every min of it !

7.3K   83    @iamjhud

Thank u to all of team Jhud , each and every one of u ! Front he ones who planned my bday celebration , to the ones who called ,texted sang me songs n made me videos , sent me flowers cards and gift and most of all love !!! U all have truly made this bday a very very special one ! I truly feel like I was lifted and surrounded by love! I feel the love and I love u all

11.6K   119    @iamjhud

I feel the love !!

8.5K   93    @iamjhud

How cool was my bday cake !!

11.5K   230    @iamjhud

Baby Noah said happy birthday mama hud ! This is the best !!! Thank u Noah !

10.5K   129    @iamjhud

My birthday night was a dream ! I will tell yal all about it , when I wake up ! Until then thank u all of team Jhud

8.5K   171    @iamjhud

It's time for Bosslady to celebrate !

25.3K   999    @iamjhud

Jennifer moment!!

11.8K   349    @iamjhud

Ans the bday celebration starts now

19.9K   1.3K    @iamjhud

It's my turn now ! Happy 36th birthday me !!!!!! Sept 12th baby ! VIRGO !!!!!

8.0K   107    @iamjhud

Here at Jhud productions we celebrate our own ! happy birthday to my band members ! My Virgo brother and sister ! @siobhansstation hudsonette and Q my drummer ! Love u guys

12.5K   99    @iamjhud

There ain't nothing better than my baby !!

6.0K   157    @iamjhud

Oh u want me to sing the baby to sleep ..... ok ... I will put em to sleep and be the alarm clock . Lol

15.7K   65    @iamjhud

Feels like family @violadavis @Samuel jackson @xqamerica yes the baby stole my heart !!!

20.9K   57    @iamjhud

It was nice to see all of these guys @common @andradaymusic #samueljackson @xqamerica great people !

20.6K   139    @iamjhud

Ok stole this off of @shannonpezzetta page ! Today, yal call it repost ! Well Reposted!!