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No, Dallas, your new police chief isn't resigning โ€” and she's sick of the rumors. Rumors circulating this week โ€” about the chief's resignation, about her failing her first attempts at the exam โ€” forced the city to issue a statement to set the record straight.

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Too awesome not to share!

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Advertise with us!!!

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Kenya Moore Hurls Transgender Insult at Kim Zolciak In Explosive 'RHOA' episode.

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Need a quick laugh??? Go and check out The Adventures of A Fat Girl podcast on YouTube! https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=hsyWnF-jhEo www.thisfatgirlisfabulo

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Tell us 1 thing you're thankful for! I'm yhank to be on this podcast with @plzstaydope @snobcandiceo @teddyelizabeth and @highvibe.media !

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Mariah Carey is looking to get back on the grid. The "Touch My Body" singer,ย Mariah Carey, has reportedly signed withย Jay Zunder his Roc Nation label after firing her manager.

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Here's the thing... some of you "plus size supporters" are not body positive and fake af! Yea I said it! You pick and choose who's fat enough to be down like you're the grand poohta of fatdom or some shit! Who DA hell told you that you get to decide for anyone else what's right or wrong? Do you realize you're worst than the straight size community who ostrisizes us daily in fashion, media, and life. We are making lifestyle changes for our health like @passionjonesz12 When a plus looses weight for health, for personal reason or whateva it's not your business to pass judgement or offer your unsolicited opinions about It. You have no right. You should be supportive of their commitment and dedication to improving their quality of life. If you have nothing positive to say, shut dafuk up! Body Positive is the movement. Get into It! All bodies are beautiful, purpose filled and worthy! Www.thisfatgirlisfabulous.com

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@Regranned from @tabriamajors - Thank you @brutofficiel for making this because letโ€™s be real, most of the fat shamers out there donโ€™t care about obesity. If they did, they would try to be encouraging and provide constructive criticism as opposed to belittling, degrading and demeaning us #nomorebodyshamingwww.thisfatgirlisfabulous.com - #regrann

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