48   2    @twelvepastseven

I believe in this man more and more each show! I need everyone to go and follow @realimaj and see what he's cooking up! #SAVAGETOUR

50   3    @twelvepastseven

87   7    @twelvepastseven

Never running out of ammo! #SAVAGETOUR

149   6    @twelvepastseven

@sammiealways was on fire last night! Yall make sure you go and get his new album #ComingOfAge! The #SAVAGETOUR continues...

40   4    @twelvepastseven

#Cleveland was real. Tonight the #SAVAGETOUR continues. #BatonRouge #TheVarsity It's about to go down! @therealtank @sammiealways @dantedontayduntea @realimaj @djmarkdaspot @coachrsvp @ericjunior @iamlulutorres 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 #ShotByTwelvePastSeven

74   4    @twelvepastseven

@joshlawsonlighting has been doing an excellent job on this tour, making it possible for me to capture epic moments such as this one. Thank you brother. Tonight is another night! Let's get it. #SAVAGETOUR

129   6    @twelvepastseven

This tour has been nothing short of amazing. I'm thankful. πŸ™ #RnBMoney #SAVAGETOUR

113   7    @twelvepastseven

I couldnt leave #Cleveland without paying homage to the πŸ‘‘. All I want to do is put on for my city, just like he did. πŸ™ #StriveForGreatness #SAVAGETOUR πŸ“Έ: @coachrsvp

109   9    @twelvepastseven

What up #Cleveland? Tonight is you're night! @therealtank @dantedontayduntea @sammiealways @realimaj @djmarkdaspot ‼️ #SAVAGETOUR - Meet us at the #HouseOfBlues 7PM 🚨🚨🚨

53   4    @twelvepastseven

Boston‼️ You were amazing! Today the #SAVAGETOUR continues in Buffalo, NY! @therealtank @sammiealways @dantedontayduntea @realimaj @djmarkdaspot Let's get it! 🚨🚨🚨 #ShotByTwelvePastSeven

144   9    @twelvepastseven

81   20    @twelvepastseven

Every show won't be perfect, but every show is worth it. There were some minor mishaps yesterday in New York, but my guys are EXPERTS at turning that around! I had a lot of fun, being that New York is my home town. The crowd was anazing as always and it makes me look forward to what Boston has to offer... you're up next! #SAVAGETOUR #ShotByTwelvePastSeven @therealtank @dantedontayduntea @realimaj @coachrsvp @vat_icanvegas @djmarkdaspot

135   18    @twelvepastseven

Taking in this tour life. I'm always talking to the fans and no matter what city we're in, they're always on some cool shit! Shoutout to D.C.!!! Yall were amazing. Next up: BB KINGS TONIGHT BABYYYYYY! NEW YORK WE NEED YALL TO SHOW OUT FOR THE BIG HOMIE! @therealtank #SAVAGETOUR πŸ“Έ @coachrsvp

118   2    @twelvepastseven

This morning at @fox5dc. #GoodDayDC: Great interview! @therealtank & @sammiealways both have new albums on the way, and you haven't heard them quite like this before! Tank - Savage 9/29 Sammie - Coming of Age 9/15 Support this R&B music! #SAVAGETOUR - Showtime in a few hrs. See yall at the theatre! ✌️

101   5    @twelvepastseven

Goodnight everybody! Tomorrow we're at #TheHowardTheatre! I know you're ready to turn up! Come see @sammiealways @dantedontayduntea @realimaj & @therealtank get LIVE! @djmarkdaspot will be providing the vibes! #SAVAGETOUR #AnotherOne #ShotByTwelvePastSeven

130   22    @twelvepastseven

What's your favorite song by @therealtank? #SAVAGETOUR

85   17    @twelvepastseven

To the people that deserve it! Yall were amazing! Much love! #SAVAGETOUR

142   24    @twelvepastseven

All my life, I knew that one day I'd be traveling the world; doing what I love to do. I gotta thank God so much for answering these prayers of mine. As I step back and look at this tour bus, I also gotta pat myself on my back. I done been through enough shit just to be a part of something like this... and I'm thankful. Thankful that @therealtank was able to see my vision and took that chance on me. Thankful that the #RnBMoney team is built on family and loyalty!Thankful that I'm surrounded by such a talented and ambitious group! Last but not least, thankful that I can make the people back home proud of me! THIS IS MY THANK YOU POST TO ANYONE WHO EVER SUPPORTED OR EVEN DOUBTED! It all helped shape me into who I am today... and, I'm still learning. ✌️❀️ Next stop: D.C.! -Luv

54   7    @twelvepastseven

Next stop: Raleigh, NC - it's going down tonight. It's not too late to grab tix for your city. Check therealtank.com for more dates! #RnBMoney #SAVAGETOUR #ShotByTwelvePastSeven Follow @therealtank @dantedontayduntea @realimaj @vat_icanvegas @djmarkdaspot @coachrsvp @sammiealways for more!

102   2    @twelvepastseven

Savage mode: activated. @therealtank #SAVAGETOUR